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Hey guys!

I just started an internship at the Biodome, in Montreal, where I'm going to spend 3 months doing projects with the bats. We have one species, Glossophaga soricina, that is so common that hey have too many there, and when we're done with our research they're going to kill them! My supervisor is a total bat freak, he's doing everything he can to find anpther option, and I'm just adverse to the idea of killing something because there is no use for it anymore.

We have about 70 Glossophaga, all males. Initially the project with them was supposed to be over in May, but I'm taking on another one that will carry on at least until the end of June, I think. So here's the deal: does anybody know of a zoo, park, conservation place, anything, that would be looking for bats?

Look how cute they are!:

We'd be very grateful for any help to save our protégés ^^

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